Seedling Plants

Seedling Plants

We have been planting the following plants in seedling trays, which is a modern technique of growing plants. The seeds grows in the seedling trays or more health, more cost effective and requires comparatively less time.

  • Chilli
  • Bringle
  • Merigold and Other Flower Plants
  • Papaya
  • Tomato
  • Cauliflower and Cabbage

Benifits of growing plants in Seedling Trays

  • It saves total quantity of seeds. (Via seedling trays it only requires 30 grams of seeds instead of 80 grams Per Acre.
  • Uniform growth of plants.
  • Plants becomes healthy, strong and immune power to prevent virus and other deceases.
  • The plants grows in less time and less expenditure.
  • It saves water, electricity and time to grow plants.
  • It does not need laborious work.
  • We can prepare plants anywhere in the open air even in the home.
  • Transportation of the plants becomes very easy, and does not cause damage of roots in the transportation process.
  • All plants have identical growth and identical in shape.
  • It is possible to prepare plants even in to the worst climatic situations.
  • It is possible to grow more plants in comparatively less area.
  • We can grow any king of plants in seedling trays.
  • The plants grows in seedling trays have strong roots and there growth does not affected when we plant them into the field, It grows in similar manner.
  • Plants grows in seedling trays requires less than 10 days as compared to traditional growings of plants.

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